Courtesy: WIllow River Water Trail

About the Willow

The Willow River lazily weaves back and forth through St. Croix county.  Bountiful with wildlife and beauty due to the seclusion of river.  The river provides a peaceful and enjoyable trips for whatever distance you are traveling.  Whether you prefer to float or paddle… expect occasional groundings, rocks, logs, and other obstacles.  Be aware this is a river with changing conditions that include water falls, rapids, downed trees, and rocks.  Be sure to consult locals about water levels or river status

Prices from $45-90 

Half Day – Starting at $45 including Kayak, Paddle, Life vest, and Shuttle

Half Day Route

Boardman to Burkhardt

Approx. 2-3 hrs.

Launch at 100th St. in Boardman, WI.  Landing at Cty rd E Willow River State Park.

Lower Willow is an beginner to intermediate level recreational trip.  Steady water flow brings you down through some cathedral type foliage.  Rapids are Class I with fast riffles.

Full Day Route

Full Day – Starting at $65 including Kayak, Paddle, Life vest, and Shuttle

New Richmond to Boardman

Approx. 4-6 hrs.

Launch at downtown New Richmond.  Landing at 100th st. Boardman

For advanced paddlers with the ability to portage around, over, and under obstructions.  Currently, with 8 to 10 portages depending upon water levels.  Beautiful landscape changes from open prairie to heavily wooded.  Be sure to prepare for walks through woods, mud, and deep water holes.


Other Routes by request

  Starting at $30 including Kayak, Paddle, Life vest, and Shuttle

Mid Willow (City Run)

Approx. 1 hr.

Launch at downtown New Richmond.  Landing at Naturepark (Cty rd A.)

Mid Willow is an easy level recreation trip.  Starting in the heart of New Richmond below the dam you continue through the heart of the city past the Golf Coarse, ending in NaturePark.  Densly wooded it feels like you are never in the middle of a city.

Upper Willow


Approx. 2-4 hrs. depending on landing

Launch at Betterly Waterfowl Area 160th st.  Available landings at Mary Park, Downtown, and Nature Park.

The Upper Willow is easy, relaxing, beginner’s trip and perfect for somebody new to the paddling.  Starting with some easy ripples at the beginning the river meanders 1/3 of the trip through Betterly Nature Preserve, with easy paddling and a crossing of Mary’s Park Lake.  Three different landings available Mary’s park, Downtown, and the Nature Park on CR Rd. A (by Westfields Hospital).

Willow River State Park to Hudson

Approx. 2-3 hrs.

Launch Below Willow River State Park Dam.  Landing at Hudson Boat Dock

Launch is located 100 yds from parking area with a steep hillside to traverse to reach river landing.  This excursion has some low laying trees and ledges to work through, and a lake to paddle across making it an intermediate run.  Be sure to follow the Race Side to avoid obstructions and map for the easiest way for a shallow channel to Lake Mallalieu.  

Other Rivers Kinnickinnic, Apple, and Rush

Please Contact me if your interested in kayaking other rivers.  Duration of excursions range from 1 hr to 8 hr trips.  If you would like to paddle it we’ll make it happen.  We could contract out for multiple day voyages.  Time and Fuel charges will be accessed.  715-781-3145we